Unsocial media

LJ is only one of two social medias I follow and it barely qualifies as being in that category.  The other is Next Door and I only use it as a local news paper seldom going beyond the headlines.  Unfortunately I did today and nothing good came of it.

Someone posted whining about the government once again forcing us to wear masks.  That myth opened the floodgates of every cranky Q oriented neighbor in a ten mile radius ending with a short screed blasting Megan Rapinoe for being anti American and...  I stopped reading shortly there after.

In general the gist of thought by the white central Texas intellectual elite was to stop watching the fear mongering TV networks because the statistics are skewed especially since Soros and Gates bought all the testing labs and blah, blah, blah.

Having dipped my toe into the cesspool I think I'll take a shower.

Against the grain

It is popular to say the Olympics are a failure for [enter your reason here].  

I'm a hopeless romantic steeped in English lit and when I see the athletes and see the work and detail put into these games I hear Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Ulysses: 'to strive to seek to find and not to yield'.  Followed by the wild world of sports 'the thrill of success, the agony of defeat' and I'll watch nearly anything.  

Naomi Osaka has had an interesting couple of years.  She convinced the US Open to honor the Black Lives Matter movement amid a summer of death and protest.  Then she proceeded to beat Serena and win the tournament wearing a mask with the name of a different victim of police brutality each day.  The final match was marred by questionable umpire decisions the result of which is the crowd, although happy for her, booed the umpire in support of Serena after the match.  So she beat her idol amid a controversy that probably would not have changed things (she was a much better player that day) and accepted her trophy while the crowd was booing.  It sent her on a personal tail spin.

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Testing new bike tires

I'm a little tired still even after resting and a little bit of a nap.  I did an hour of trail riding on my mountain bike with its new tires.  The tires are much less knobby.  Like changing from bubba truck tires to normal street tires.  They have a lot less resistance.  They are also not slip proof.  The one thing about my mountain bike tires is I could go up a curb or a trail of rocks or through a bunch of sand and the bike would stay right under me.  Between the shock absorbers up front and the soft knobby tires I didn't have to pay much attention to terrain.  Now I do.  

Still not as stiff as my road bike and I didn't come close to slipping but at least now I feel like I need to pay attention.  That is fine.  I've got about 35 years of experience on various bikes so I'm pretty safe.

I drank a lot of water.  This was riding in about 88 (31-ish) degrees sunny and fairly humid.  I took it easy and drank about a quart per half hour while riding about an hour at a not too fast speed.  So it was safe.  But I did feel wiped out by the end so I'm still acclimating.  

Tomorrow I'll go down to the air conditioned gym we have and do some elliptical and weights.  Then maybe some road biking on Saturday or Sunday when the traffic around here is quiet. 

Fortunately I'm not sensitive to the air quality as Dana is.  She can hardly breathe.  I've got a bit of a runny nose but not nearly bad as that.

Medical done for the week

Turns out my orthopedist who replaced my knee and hip only does legs.  There are hand specialists, hip/knee specialists, and shoulder specialists.  And don't forget elbows.  He referred me after looking at my shoulder x-ray 'that's a mess'.  

I made an appointment for a month from now with a shoulder specialist so we'll see what he thinks.  I'm still not 100% on getting it replaced but seeing my bone on bone socket and ball in the x-ray I'm a little more leaning that way.  

Then dentist today.  Just a routine but those tend to develop into more bigger appointments that involve an army of people and implements in my mouth for hours.  Not today, though.  Just a cleaning (one person and all her tools for an hour) and a look around.  Nothing to see here.  See you in six months.

Otherwise I'm just putting things away and returning my life to its normal self.  I did get my bike number two back.  It is all set with non-mountain bike tires mounted on a shock absorbed frame with lots of gears.  So it is ready to go.  I did see it needs some cleaning.  Tomorrow is a quiet one on my calendar.  I've got to get acclimated again after a week in cool Seattle.  So tomorrow morning, I think.  Just need to decide trail or road.

Ready for the road — but probably not today

I picked up one of my two bikes today:

My road bike
My road bike

It got some TLC from the bike shop.  They stripped it down completely and put all the little pieces in a mineral bath and then put it back together again.  I've got less than 2000 on it but the gears needed adjusting anyway and I thought I'd show it some love while I was gone.

I'm hoping to pick up my second bike this afternoon.  It is changing modes of operation entirely going from full on fat tire mountain bike to more of a very high end hybrid trail bike.  Pretty much sums up my capabilities now days.  I'm not a hill climber any more but still like to ride on trails as some variety with road riding.

Nice to have one of two home.  Ready to test it out.

Back at my desk and not much has changed

A PIA trip yesterday which, wit a very little research, turned out to be a problem that should have been solved in advance by me.  The Southwest hub is Austin and they only have search and reservations on their own site.  No Google or Expedia or any other.  This worked on me.  I got used to just searching Southwest and grabbing what was available.  Most of the time it is OK.  It always means a plane change to/from Seattle but I just assumed.......

Yesterday as I was sitting in Denver (AKA, least favorite airport for a layover) I looked up flights to/from Seattle and found three different airlines with direct, non-stop flights taking two hours less than what I was doing and costing about the same.  Not like I've never travelled before.  So now I'm sore from kicking myself too.  Last time I'll do that, though.

Other than the lovely time in Denver the flight was fine.  No drama from the passengers, again.  It was all smooth and friendly.  

Not so much when I got home.  Turns out things have changed for the worst:

We live, as you might surmise, in Williamson County Texas.
We live, as you might surmise, in Williamson County Texas.

This is bad enough but the reactions on the vehicle closest to social media I get is generally "the government is manipulating numbers".  So look for things to get worse.  

I'll be in my bunker ordering food and distancing myself from humanity.  Again.  I don't think they will miss me.

Last of the city

Another walk today.  Scooter to the top of the hill near the Space Needle.  Walk down to bottom of Pike's Market and then another scooter back to the top of the Market so I could look at a couple of different places.  Ended up walking 3 miles but it felt like more.  Out of practice.

Graffiti referencing the desire of some people to get rid of tech in Seattle.
Graffiti referencing the desire of some people to get rid of tech in Seattle.
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Hot town...

Summer in the city.

I was hearing Oliver's Who will buy today.  Walking in the city is anonymous bliss for me and I hardly ever get the chance.  But today was perfect for it.  I took an electric scooter to the top of the hill above Pike's Market and walked back to susandennis from there.  Downhill.   I still get credit.

First stop was for a small cup of salted caramel ice cream
First stop was for a small cup of salted caramel ice cream
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So far, the Seattle diet is a fail

Not lost anything at all.  But mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... worth it.

Today was 13 Coins, Eggs Benedict.  They know how to make it and we've been there many times.  They had some service issues for a long time but for some reason are really happy to see customers now.

Every bit as good as it looks
Every bit as good as it looks
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