The week

This will be a weird week.  I've got 20 hours remaining on the job.  It is entirely my commitment to commitment that drives me.  I'll make maybe $350 or so for the time but it is the fact that I put it on the schedule and said I'd do it that keeps me there.  They've got plenty of people and don't really need me, I would not be missed.  

The company for which I work has other gigs and I've never left a position burning bridges behind me.

But it will be hard.  The funny thing is I don't mind the people who call in.  It is a fun dance especially if they start out a little annoyed.  I've only had two people who were oil to my water or whatever.  I was not going to jolly them up no matter how I danced or sang.  But even the ones who start out all angry and in their righteous self mode are kind of fun to manage.  They are suckers for empathy and once you can fake that... well, you know.  Nearly everyone only wants someone to listen to them and try to help.  I should be a counselor..  well, maybe not.

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Garage sale

I'm not a garage sale person.  Neither to buy or sell.  So I was a little shocked to look out at my security cam and see my neighbor's drive look like:

8:30 on a Saturday morning in the hood
8:30 on a Saturday morning in the hood

It must be a Facebook thing since there were no signs and nothing in Nextdoor which, other than LJ, is as close as I get to social apps.  

After all this time it is unsettling to see so many people outside MY HOUSE walking around and interacting.  I know it is outside and most have masks but they are HERE and CLOSE.  

Never leave the boat.


Another one bites the dust

The company was very nice and complimentary when I told them it was time for me to part ways with the customer.  The way they work is they have a number of customers (eg — Turbo Tax, Zillow) so their view is I've just backed away from that customer and I'll pick up another one day.  They are actually a good group of people but the structure is a little strange and being under the digital microscope when I'm used to owning the lab is not fun.

I've got a week left.  My last day is next Friday.

I'm working on the next plan and will focus on it hopefully as much as I did on this one.  

I don't much fail

There is something that my father or mother instilled in me at one point that seems to make me different than a lot of people.  I don't really fail at things.  I mean, yeah, I fail but it never feels like failure to me.  I just don't have that in my mental vocabulary.  I try something, it works I keep doing it, it doesn't I do something else hopefully taking a lesson with me.  Anyone looking at the company I ran could probably point out any number of failures.  I threw a lot of paint at the wall and did have some people tell me to be more thoughtful.  But much of it worked and there were a lot of employees who worked for us who had better lives as a result.  But I did a lot of stuff that didn't work out, spent a lot of money on systems and advisors that fell by the wayside.  Kurt Vonnegut in my head saying 'so it goes'.  Never did I say, 'that was a failure', never did I feel it.  Just turn over the pedals and keep riding.

On the other hand I never feel like I've succeeded.  I've never felt like I'd arrived somewhere and could say I was a success at anything.  

I just hang around in the middle somewhere. It is a trade off.

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Proud (faux) boy intimidation

The combination of me not being easily intimidated since, as amw so eloquently puts it 'fuck them' and the idea that some group has identified me through having 'gained access to the entire voting infrastructure' makes the whole message some voters are receiving equally funny and chilling.

Just for the record, this is foreign intervention.  The Proud Boys are not sufficiently organized nor are they back from their gun range/jerky eating contest so they could not send out emails on that 'lectronic thingy.  This is Iran and Russia, the 'Friends' part of Fox and Friends.

I never get interesting messages like this.  It is annoying.  I don't get intimidating or phishing phone calls or email.  Nothing.  I feel left out.  Maybe I need to click on a bunch of random stuff on Facebook.  Of course that would require my presence on FB, not an option.

The FBI is on top of their game and I say good for them.  It is really comforting to see another dedicated branch of the government (and I put the military at the top of that group) that has survived the four years of the orange big top intact and doing their job.  And as we usually are we're behind the criminal enterprises playing defense but our defense is better than their offense.  Federal law enforcement and the military have held the ramparts despite a continuous attempt to degrade their foundation.  I'm just happy they can enjoy some support for the next four.


To live and die in QA

I've got a remedial customer service performance meeting next week.  Sigh. My numbers took a dive in my most recent call they looked at.  When I read the review I found two issues.  The first was reasonable.  They want us to point customers to a self serve app to reset their financial information.  I neglected, while helping someone, to point that out.

All the rest was pieces of flair.  I didn't say the company name enough, didn't point out the latest features of the product, etc, etc, etc.

That is going to kill me.  

I think it was mostly the grader, how they looked at the call.  I'm fairly consistent although I do more frequently say the company name but now I've been marked the other graders are going to be looking and counting.

Going in I had the thought that I was never going to be enough of a cheerleader to meet what I suspected their goals would be.

But it is just another day so we'll see.  Meanwhile I'm achieving my objectives for the most part.  We'll have to see about the rest.

Day off number 1

I'm not working today nor tomorrow.  I've got a little better schedule set up but it still needs work.  Friday has a 15 minute block in the morning during which I have to sign on and be available for calls.  Might be no one calls, might be I've got one that takes up half an hour.  I get paid for the time worked especially for the time on a call but it is a serious disruption of my morning and I'm not allowed to change it once it is set.  Still such a weird system.  They put out messages saying they need help filling specific hours and I'm so not motivated to help since the system is so weird.  

But I'm getting better at playing it and the higher my QA score is (where someone grades my calls) the more likely I get into the 'preferred' level where I get first grab at scheduling.  I'm not there yet but likely will be eventually.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying a couple of days with nothing particular to do.  Other than cutting the grass there is not too much that really needs to be done.

I'm baking some rosemary asiago bread at the moment.  Based on the NY Times no knead bread it is easy and is close to sourdough without actually being there.  It is sad that it works so well as it makes me lazy.  Picture to follow.

Other than that I've got nothing.  Likely some football and beer on the horizon today but not much else.

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