Waiting for breakfast

All is well. I'm waiting for food. Last time I ate anything other than broth was 36 or so hours ago. The Noom plus program.

The pain block has reduced a bit on it's schedule or whatever it does so my shoulder is achy. They initially gave me some oxycodone and then now are just giving me extra strength Tylenol. Not sure where that's going to go I do know that before I can do any physical therapy I will need hydrocodone and oxycodone some kind of one of those photos. But I'm not really in any pain of course I'm also not moving so we'll see how long that lasts.

Otherwise I'm okay just trying to hang out here waiting for the PT people I suspect. Once I see them and I guess the doctor who I've never seen since surgery come by I'll break out of here. Almost positive I'm heading home today which is fine with me and Zoe.

Meanwhile, breakfast came. I'm trying not to stuff it all in my mouth at one time. So nice to have a whole food and coffee.


Forced Noom march

All is well but for the fact I'm not being allowed to eat. Something they might have told me in advance. I'm at about 24 hours after my last meal and get tea and broth. Oh boy.
I guess you can tell by the fact I'm whining about the lack of food that everything else, the important stuff went well. They've got me on a local pain block that should transition to good old fashion OXY at some point.
Do I'm comfortable and hanging out losing weight until tomorrow.

Last two handed typing for a bit

The pre-surgery people called to tell me what to do and what not to do for tomorrow.  Not much has changed.  The Covid level has gone down considerably around here so I feel like the timing is good and I don't feel like I'm sucking resources that the hospital needs.  Actually I'm contributing to the hospital bottom line.  This kind of thing is a money maker for them.  Controllable, predictable, efficient and the pay out is routine.  I do not expect it to cost me anything.  Between my veteran insurance and Medicare it should be covered.

I had a nice bike ride yesterday.  It is a rainy day.  I'd normally not care but I don't want to take a chance and have a slippery wheel knock me off my game.  So yesterday will be my last ride for a bit. One of the reasons I'm getting the shoulder fixed is that upper body is critical to my cycling.  Since I'm not a waif like the TdeF riders, I've got some pressure on my wrists and arms and shoulders holding up my torso as I ride.  No way around it, I'm just a big boy.  It is not too much of a problem but my left shoulder ends up hurting a lot.  I've got pieces of bone floating around and a joint that is bone on bone so we're going to fix all that.  My guess is six months before I'm 100% but I should be able to ride again after three.  They say I can do a stationary bike within a couple of weeks (seems a little soon but I'll be restless) but they don't want me falling.  So I'll be walking more.  Zoe will be happy.

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Medical weeks

After flu shots and Covid booster and annual physical and cardiologist visit (lowering my medication intake so I guess that is good) Dana had a bladder biopsy that her doc says likely will come back negative.  He was very optimistic so I'm thinking it is a nothing deal.  He was erring on the side of biopsy as she is a prior smoker and bladder cancer is one of those smoking things.  All went well (general anesthesia but a light touch) but she's got a weekend of catheter to give her bladder a couple of days to chill out, a bladder vacation as it were.  So we're not moving around much.  She has her 'purse' with her all the time.  I had a time yesterday getting her a Monday morning catheter removal appointment but was relentless and she's going in at 8:20.  Ten minutes later I'm due down the road at a different clinic to get my pre-surgery Covid test.

I'm focused on getting my shoulder done on Wednesday.  Last chance to ride my bike for a while.  Dana will be all better by then and we'll trade places.  It is nice to have someone to swap out caretaker roles with.  Once we get through this month and I get done with PT I'll be done with medical for a while.  Likely six months until my next cardiologist appointment.  

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Paying attention

I didn't ride my bike yesterday so I felt obligated to today and did.  But I cut what is usually more than an hour short just not feeling it.

Then I thought about why.  I was up late last night helping my son's Red Sox win their game against the Yankees.  Turns out they didn't need help but he's the nervous type and likely had money on the game and it was the Yankees in post season so I stayed to the end.  I've discovered in the recent past that an hour or so later to bed makes a much bigger difference to me now than it used to.  Or I just notice it more since I'm not hung over in the mornings.

And I got my booster shot yesterday.  I can hardly feel the tenderness and actually had forgotten about it entirely until one of my survey apps asked how I was feeling day after getting the shot.


So, let's add that up.  68 year old a day after receiving a vaccine and on less than normal sleep feels too tired to complete an hour long bike ride in the 85+ degree sun.

Three years ago when I had my hip replaced I walked too far one day and, of course, had to return the journey.  It set my rehab back a week.  In the big picture it was no big deal but I remember thinking 'so this is what they mean when they say to pay attention to your body'.  Not a natural thing for me.

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Need for speed

I don't need speed but one mush use what titles are obvious.

We're slowly getting 5G around here and since I've got a 5G happy phone now I've been wondering.  Of course, we don't have it HERE.  We barely have any G's at the house.  But eventually it will get here.  We have HEB so civilization has found us.

But I was at CVS getting the chip replaced in my arm and they did have 5G.  So I did a speed test:

5g on my 5a phone
5g on my 5a phone
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Doc days

I went to see my Internist today for the annual Medicare requirement.  He's fine.  A little addlepated but healthy.  Oh, yeah, me too.  Cardiologist next on Thursday.  She how she's doing. 

Meanwhile, long as I'm filling myself with satan's shots I made an appointment for my booster.  It is two days before my six months but I guess they can't count so I'm getting it out of the way in an hour or so.

Did the flu shot last week (extra hefty for us old people) and Covid booster this week.  I'm feeling fairly safe.  

Got all my blood tests back and, sure enough, the side benefits of Noom are showing up.  Everything is back towards normal after having wandered into red territory during the past year or so.  I've been a little concerned about plaque build up (not the teeth version but the artery version) so getting my levels where they should be will hopefully stave off dementia and keep me on the bike for a while longer.

So happy and healthy.  These are the salad days.

BTW, I never understood that expression but since I'm on Noom these really are the salad days so I guess it works.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

One of my favorite British idioms.  It sounds vaguely racist but it also applies here.  I lost 8 or so pounds immediately mostly due to lots of water ingestion and reporting everything I ate.  Then it leveled off.   

Flat enough to be a plate of pastry
Flat enough to be a plate of pastry

The thing with Noom is, ultimately, is isn't a diet.  South Beach is a diet.  MetaFast is a diet.  Weight Watchers (aka WW) is a diet.  This is a way of thinking, a way of moving sand one grain at a time back to where it should be to balance the scales.  It is a mediocre app with a sometimes questionable database of caloric and exercise measurements.  But what it excels at is a very slow, fairly well executed, course in nutrition and psychology delivered in 10 to 15 minute segments every day with the intent of changing the game entirely.  

So, not just more protein.  Not just more or fewer carbs or this bean or that rice.  Eat it all!  But with intent and presence and understanding of the trade-offs.  

My attitude has gone good to bad to frustrated to happy. I'm fairly sure I'll end up where I need to be, below 200.  But more so I suspect that I'll stay there.  The nice thing about hitting a plateau is that I know what it takes to maintain a weight.  I just need to get to the one I want.

No quick fix.  No magic pill.  Just an incremental change to daily life.  Slowly, slowly catchee monkey.

Noom BFO

After 60+ years of listening and reading nutritionist and diet information I've now seen the whole enchilada reduced to 7 words from Michael Pollen (writer of 'The Omnivore's  Dilemma', et al).

"Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants."

I read this in my Noom studies today and a light went on.  It was Alexander Pope who said "What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd”.  That kind of sums up Pollen's seven words.