A total win for Texas and NextDoor

Every once in a while the really important stuff comes along.  This is one of those times.  This was posted on our neighborhood nextdoor.

Beep Beep
Beep Beep

Coyote Deterrent! In order to protect our pets and small children, I am asking the city to unleash 10,000 road runners into our neighborhoods. I used to watch wildlife tv shows produced by Warner Bros. that showed road runners stopping coyotes by dropping them off cliffs, blowing up with dynamite, and crushing with pianos. Please join me at the next city council meeting and make your voices heard. We need road runners!

Zoe doctor day

Stressed and waiting
Stressed and waiting

Zoe goes to the dermatologist twice a year for blood work and renew our prescription. It is worth it but very traumatic.

Of course I can't go in with her. She starts trembling soon as we get into the parking lot. She tremles through the entire appointment and sheds like crazy. It is very traumatic but we have to do it every 6 months to have her skin check for her allergies.

Pretty much like me at the dentist.

Zoe in the pack

I signed Zoe up for the Dog Aging Project.  There is an extensive entry survey and record upload (hers, not mine).  I did all that and she will be tracked along with dogs all over the world to ultimately find better ways to care for them and extend their healthy life.  They gave her this:

Proud member of the pack
Proud member of the pack

I love that Zoe will contribute to all of dog kind!


Turned out the rough beast was actually slouching to Mara Largo.

Let's forget him, better still. — Pete Townshend

Bucket o' dough

I made my 3 pounds of dough today, a no knead version that I got from the Washington Post.  First third of the dough will go towards Fast Focaccia bread to go with our Home Chef dinner.  

The focaccia is truly simple and uses some rosemary I can grab from what is growing out in our yard.  

The Home Chef dinner is butternut squash and salmon with cranberry chutney (all, of course, provided).  Adding the bread will make it a really nice meal.

I've become attached to Home Chef interspersed with Dinnerly on occasion.  Ultimately it is a good deal.  We eat better for about the same amount of money, don't have unused leftovers, and have a decent variety without having to much think.  I expanded this week to four meals since I found four I really wanted.  Salmon, Chicken, sirloin with a blue cheese topping, and a no prep pepperoni pasta meal with peppers and spinach (all ready to just throw in the oven).

Also, as it turns out I ordered Dinnerly for this week.  It does not come until Wednesday and has three meals so it looks like we have food for a week.  Had to happen at one point that I should end up ordering them both in the same week.  But the bottom line is we have a week of dinners for about $130 for both of us.  And it has vegetables for every meal and nothing ridiculously heavy.  Breakfast is either a protein berry shake or eggs and bacon and lunch is usually nothing or a snack and dinner is early.  All pretty reasonable.  And easy.

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It's a 10 tissue day

I rate my daily walks this time of year based on how many kleenex's (actually puffs... my nose is sensitive) I have to bring with me.  Here is what today looks like:

My two favorite sensitivities are cedar and mold
My two favorite sensitivities are cedar and mold

The wind kicked up yesterday and knocked all the pollen into the air.  The cedar is not really cedar and the mold is not actually mold.  They are both mesomeres.  But my respiratory system likes neither.

Off to walk with a pocket bulging with tissue.