Two weeks from today

We'll know week of the 11th of May what happens when you open up a state.  Texas is relaxing and will do it quickly and overboard, I'm sure.  

After hearing about how massages for medical purposes will be allowed I got notice from both massage therapists that they are open for business.  I'm sure they are in guidelines and I know they will keep it safe as possible and I know they need to be back in business and I know I would REALLY like a massage.  


In a couple of weeks we'll likely know what are the results.  

Our esteemed Darth Vader of a Lt Gov, Dan Patrick, is willing to gleefully sacrifice those of us dead beats who are seniors in order to reopen the Texas economy.  He actually sees, and has said publicly on more than one occasion, that my death and that of my wife is a reasonable cost of doing business.

I'm fairly safe coming out of my hole for a weekly shopping trip and daily dog walking and a bike ride when I can.  And I've got some really nice masks now.  So I'm just going to watch and wait and see what happens in two weeks.

The numbers are not happy.  We've now, in less than 82 days, surpassed the 2017 flu season numbers of deaths in the US, much more than the numbers in 20 years of the Vietnam War, and we're adding between 1k and 2k per day.  

And the economy is becoming more important, more potentially deadly, than those numbers.

Two weeks will tell which of those dynamics continue to hold sway here in Texas.


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