Success and a long trip

I'm ready to not drive again for a long time.  We drove four hours up and four back with only a half an hour or so of piddling between.  For some reason up and back for 8 hours is a lot longer than a straight 8 hour drive to a destination.  It was a PIA or rather a pain in my knee which is still a bit swollen.

Standing next to a 10 gallon paint bucket for scale
Standing next to a 10 gallon paint bucket for scale
His blase look.
His blase look.

He's named after the Disney dog but doesn't bear much resemblance.  For whatever reason his owner adopted two other dogs recently and Bolt was not getting enough attention (they were larger dogs) and she felt bad for him.  She and Dana are friends so she mentioned it and we have a new family member.  Whose name might morph into something different... not sure about that yet.

Typically I think of dogs this size as being a little cranky in temperament and nippy in disposition.  Bolt is neither.  Considering his situation, being ripped out of his home, spending the day in a car, and ending up in a very different home with two different cats and a dog he's never met, he's pretty laid back.  Only a couple of growls on general principle.   It helps that we've done some dog sitting over the years so Zoe is used to it.  At one time I was by myself with five dogs to care for.  So a new dog is just another day for her.  So we did the sniff test and that was about it.  Everyone's happy.  Especially Dana who has wanted a dog for herself for years (Zoe is definitely my shadow).

We're going to work on the haircut and I'll work on a family portrait.


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