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About two and a half years ago I found out about a monthly breakfast taking place with three of my friends who I had originally met when I was part of a networking group (BNI Rocking Referrals).  Somehow I invited myself to join them.  I don't remember how that happened but the result has become somewhat of a seminal event in my life.  We meet every month, first Thursday usually, over breakfast and talk about business and other stuff for a couple of hours.  Last two months have been a Zoom but we're still doing it.

One owns a very successful insurance agency.  One owns a very successful pest control company.  One owns a very successful bookkeeping company.  And me.  When I first started with them I owned a moderately successful computer company.  Now I'm the mascot.

I'm about the same age as their parents but we meet as age peers most of the time.

One is a member of LDS.  One is very right wing married to a gun toting, flag waving, deer hunting Texan who 'everybody' loves.  Two are atheists.  Two are progressives within the constraints of avid capitalism.  Two are apolitical.  One for sure will vote for Trump.  One won't decide until October.  Two are ABT's (aka I've got a bag of cement here I'll write in as a presidential vote if necessary).  

All three have the highest level of integrity I've ever seen.

All of us are staying home.  They have re-engineered their companies to be at home workplaces.  None are taking any chances with Covid-19.  They are doing just as well now as they have before March.  Their companies are created and managed to succeed in adversity.  They have thought about problems, about contingencies, about what they might do in various situations.  Among other things it is what we discuss every month.

I consider myself fortunate to be part of the group.  It is one of my windows back into the business world, a way to use my 45 year job experience in an advisory capacity with people who value (or at least tolerate) my input.

It is also nice to see three people who are not part of the negative statistics.  They won't be on the news.  They won't be interviewed for how bad things are.  They will take the bad with the good and work them both honestly and diligently.  They are the core of what will be the new economy in five years.  And I get to share breakfast with them every month.  Not a bad deal.


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