Time to sell to the yankees

I was in a Rotary group for a while (actually three years... about two years longer than I should have been) and there was an old codger there who said during this time of year:  "Green as it is now, it's a good time to sell land to the yankees."

Because the rest of the year it is brown here.  But for the scrub juniper variants that give 'cedar fever' its name and a few pin oaks this is a desert.  But my wife really works at xeriscaping  the yard to maximize the color for as long as she can.  She tends to do this by wandering around the fields and relocating plants so the price is right, too.  

The bank in our back yard
The bank in our back yard

The picture above is a panorama of the bank behind our house.  When we moved in, about 18 months ago it was just a mound of dirt ready to wash away.  The only thing I've done is the plants on the trellis to the left on the wall.  This time next year they will be climbing half the wall and they they will bloom yellow flowers.  They are Lady Bank's Roses, my favorite.   The rest she has planted, some from our previous house, some just picked up in fields.  Other than the roses and the vegetables in the tubs it is all indigenous and requires little water.  The vegetables will grow for a while, yield the initial small bit of produce and then die in the 100+ heat.  Until next year when we plant them again.  Sigh.  


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