If only we had testing

I may have had a touch of food poisoning or Covid or some other virus.  I felt all muscle achy all last night and slept about 12 hours.  But no high temperature, no coughing, no shortness of breath, none of the other myriad of symptoms associated with Sars-2.  I did a survey to see if I qualified to take a test but apparently I don't.  

In the long run it doesn't much matter.  I'm either going to get all better or the reverse.  So far all indications point to the former.  I'm soon ready for a nap but other than that I feel good.  

The big issue is I have a dental appointment on Friday and an ultrasound scheduled for Sunday.  Neither is critical.  I'll wait until tomorrow to decide what to do.  

It is really annoying to not have access to testing.  Until now it didn't matter but now I can crawl back into my hole or ignore things but it would be nice to science the problem.


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