Touch of the flu

Any other time I would be saying now "I had a touch of the flu over the past couple of days".  Achy, exhausted, a little fever.   But I feel fine now.  Near 100 percent, pretty much like I've done most of my life.  A little sick and then better.  I used to do this once a year or so only getting really sick maybe once every three or so years.  My immune system is, I think, pretty strong.  And I've been getting flu shots annually since 1980 when I joined the military.

I've cancelled two appointments and am withdrawing even further from society for a couple of weeks (how will they live without me?).

Unless and until the government rolls out an antibody test for the masses (in a couple of years is my guess) I won't know what happened.

So far so good, though.  Hoping that whatever it was it doesn't come back.


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