Found some testing

After filling out a county form with my info and being ignored I finally filled out one our my usual hospital site.  It was a lot longer and had a place for more info.  And apparently they hospital has drive through testing once you've met a threshold which apparently I have.

So now I'm finally part of the 1%.  Just not in the way I'd like. [Full disclosure: In Texas it is actually 2% but that just doesn't sound as good]

I fully expect the results to be negative but since it doesn't matter to me one way or another as long as I'm no worst physically than I currently am I don't much care.  Frankly if this is as sick as I'm going to get (still probably 10 days from being sure of that) I'm thrilled by acquiring the antibodies.

So many what if's in this whole thing.  I've really never seen a problem with so many unknowns.  It is amazing.


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