And the answer is:

This sample was analyzed using the Hologic Panther System
platform using nucleic acid amplification technology.
A negative test does not exclude an active SARS-CoV-2
infection, particularly in patients with moderate to
high clinical suspicion of disease. Documentation of
infection may be possible by retesting or testing of
other specimen sources.
This test was performed using qualified reagents and
protocol under an Emergency Use Authorization by the
FDA. Test performance was verified by the performing
laboratory prior to use. Results should be interpreted
in the context of other clinical and laboratory data.

Well, that was fun.  

So I had food poisoning with half the symptoms?  Or actually a touch of the good old H1N1 flu (ah, the good old days)?

I think I'm just going to write this week off as a life anomaly and move on.  In reality it would not make any difference other than a point of interest.  Since there is no evidence that Covid antibodies confer immunity my day to day would be the same.   

I'm deeply appreciative of my medical system, Baylor, Scott and White, and their really professional handling of the testing and rapid results.  

Moving on.  With gratitude.


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