A win in the world of scams

Fairly early on I saw that masks were going to be in my future and thought that getting a decent one that was washable would be good.  So, of course, not having a sewing machine I went on Etsy.  Spent $40ish on six masks of a type I like.  Pockets for filter and soft cloth that can be washed.  

Turned out the vendor was a scam.  There were reviews that I didn't see until too late that said the vendor didn't deliver.  It was entirely my fault that I didn't see the reviews.  The picture of the vendor was so nice.  And, surely that was true, right?

I did a bunch of vendor poking to get the product delivered but it was never going to happen.  Bad news.

The good news was I used PayPal to pay for it and damn if they didn't come through!  The vendor is no longer on Etsy so I just knew I was out the money but got a note today from PayPal that the refund was on the way.  Color me amazed.

Meanwhile I got about the same thing for the same price from another vendor and have been using them and thrilled with them so all is well.

A small victory in the worlds chaos.  I'll take it.


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