Trying to beat the heat

We're off to a record setting summer (it will be over 100 "feels like" today).  I don't love it at all and spend a lot of time in the A/C but I've gotten over thinking about it (or whining about it) all the time.  But it does change my schedule.  At 9:30AM it is nearly 80 degrees so if I'm headed out for a Zoe walk then this is too late.  Somehow Zoe is aware and starts poking me with her paw around 7.  

We went out today and it the world still has a lot of wildflowers which will wilt in a month but are lovely now:

Patch of variety
Patch of variety

I frequently pick a few for my wife and for my Buddha.  Get them while I can.  

Yesterday I did a post noon 85 degree ride on my bike.  It is my acclimation process and it is safer than walking in the heat.  But I did less than 45 mins to get in some work but not so much that it is dangerous.  Even that was a little difficult and I was happy to get back and cool down and I'm tired today.  The walk was harder than usual.

Such is Texas summer.  


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