The tale of two customer relation departments

PetsMart set me up with an online order and local pick up of a harness for Toby.  Of course have never had a 5 pound dog before I got the wrong size.  I called and they said "no returns".  After long and arduous search I found one line in very small print that indeed said no returns during Covid times.  I hit them on Twitter and was told that the policy would be relaxed and the returns window would be extended intimating that one day I would be able to return the harness.  It is now hanging in my closet.  

My thought was: Why is it more dangerous for your employees to take back product than it is for me to take it from you?  

Roll forward to last week's thunderstorm.  Turns out Toby reacts as some dogs do (Zoey does not even wake up unless we do) and gets upset.  Queue the thundershirt purchase.  I went through Chewys.  Of course have never had a 5 pound dog before I got the wrong size (note the trend... I'm not getting smarter, just older).  I sent Chewys a support note requesting a return and an hour later got this:  Thanks for reaching out. I’ve processed a refund for you and you’ll see $48.66 post back to the card used in 3-5 business days. Rather than sending this back to us, please donate it to your local rescue or shelter if it can be used, or safely discard it if you feel it’s unusable.

Freakin' genius.  Their manufacture cost is probably $10.  It has the Chewy label prominently displayed on it so whoever gets it will forever be aware of where it came from.  So that is sticky advertising for $10.  AND, of course, I raved on Twitter for all three of my followers, or however many there are.  AND they don't have to worry about the return being covered with virus spores.

AND, of course I bought a replacement so they still make direct money off me.

I understand PetsMarts' position.  Don't necessarily agree with it and love them no more for it.  But Chewy's nailed the whole thing.


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