One thing I love about our neighborhood is that if there is an animal off leash everyone pitches in and beats the drums until the owner and animal are brought back together.  


This is Tater.  I was driving to the store and he was wandering around.  I stopped and called him and he came right over and was  just as friendly and non threatening as he could be (which was nice since he is around 100 pounds).  I was in my Smart Car so I was not taking him anywhere.  Before I could think much another neighbor (with an SUV) stopped and offered to put him in her back yard until we could find the owner.  So we convinced him to hop into her car and off she went.  We put an entry into Next Door and Facebook but no dice.  After a while of playing with him she took him to the local vet and turns out he was a patient there so they called his family and repatriated him.  All is well and I've got two new friends.  Tater and the lady who helped.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.  Toby takes such wonderful pictures.  She does not always like me doing it, though.  I definitely got the stink eye here.

The fuzzy eyeball
The fuzzy eyeball

She is doing so well with us.  I'm sure if we took her home she would remember but I don't think she misses it.  No indication at all she didn't grow up with us from the beginning.  


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