Trip to the store

I've not been to the grocery store for a couple of weeks when I used to go every couple of days.  But I've managed to get by with deliveries and Dinnerly and such. 

But I had a list and it was mostly an excellent experience.  The store is well disciplined and I even got snapped at by a guy who was obviously ex military "SIR, can you please step back to the square while I bag the groceries!".  I nearly saluted out of habit.

They have the cart cleaning down and employees standing at the entrances to be sure all is done correctly.  The store is HEB and they were fairly famous from the beginning for doing it right.

I saw four people without masks.  One was a 50ish white lady.  The others were a family, husband, wife and grown daughter.  Indian.

I've found that I am pretty annoyed now with people who are so arrogant that they don't think they need to protect me from their exhalations.  There is no mask requirement but I wish the store had one.  If it were half the people in the store without a mask I might not feel so strongly about it.  But when 99% of the store are onboard with the group dynamic and four people either think they know better or just don't care about anyone but themselves it is kind of a annoying.


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