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I had a brief back and forth with mrdreamjeans about ties a couple of days ago.  I have one wadded up on the top shelf of my closet.  He has something like 60.  I wore them every day for four years in prep school and then periodically during a military career.  Now, no more.  I like T-shirts and old man Hawaiian shirts.  And shorts.  One funeral suit (not for my funeral.. .I go naked back into the cosmos, please, same way I got here). In fact my entire wardrobe is contained in two locations:

My closet
My closet

I've got five summer sun shirts, a couple of knit shirts, four winter long sleeve shirts, a dozen Hawaiian shirts, couple of sweatshirts, winter coat and the harness for Tobi hanging in a plastic bag that I can't return yet.  And a bunch of shoes half of which I could get rid of and likely will soon.  I have exactly the number of hangars I've got clothes.  One for one.

My dresser
My dresser

And five drawers.  Two drawers for T-shirts, one shorts, one jeans and long pants, and one everything else.

And my hanging robe/sweatshirt/toboggan tree.

That is it.  Everything I ever wear.  My commitment is for everything I buy I get rid of something.  

And still I've got too much stuff, more than I wear.  

I do like the simplicity.  I like having this little piece of my universe under control.  The rest of the house belongs to the dogs, cats and wife and is chaos.  I draw the line at the entrance to my office.

The more I look at the closet.. the more I think I need to pare it down some.  


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