Peaches En Regalia

Peaches En Regalia

One of my favorite songs playing while I eat the fruits of my labor.

I finished the batch of peach jam:

If only I made my own butter
If only I made my own butter

For not having done it in years the process of making peach jam was pretty smooth.  Half of the peaches were not ripe enough.  I'm not driving an hour and a half for peaches again.  They cost about the same in Georgetown and someone else does the driving!  

Part of the process of cooking down the peaches is skimming foam off the top. One recipe suggested refrigerating the foam and putting it with butter on bread without having to wait for the actual jam.  Which I did.  And it is divine.  What is in the jars will be better once it has sat for a bit so I'm looking forward to baking some more bread to go with it.

This batch has jalapeno peppers with NO seeds (I'm a wimp) as well as some ginger and lemon.  

LPT: 20 seconds might not be long enough washing ones hands after cutting up peppers but before going to the bathroom.  Jalapeno is stronger than Covid.


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