I didn't want to hijack

kk1raven asked a question about how anyone can support Trump when he makes them sign a non-lawsuit pledge just to hear him.  Rather than hijack her entry I'm answering here:

How can someone (not a skinhead, neo-nazi.. that I understand), an otherwise fairly normal person with above average intelligence support him?  I'm truly baffled.  

Clearly he brings out the inner bully, the slingshot reaction to losing ground in this progressive world that lit up the White House in a rainbow a few years ago, to the loss of white numerical supremacy, the loss of male dominance.  A feeling that 'WE' have lost control.   Of course that does not account for black and Hispanic women who support him.  There is NO accounting for that in any way at all.

And he is glib.  He's got an answer and for the most part it is "you're right, you're better, you should be in charge, you should be dominant, you should be rich, in control, in the majority and I'm the only one that can make that happen and I will".

I think so many people just got tired of being compassionate.  That takes work, it takes a lot of work, and so many people just got to the "me, me, me" point after a while and here was the Bunker Baby ready to channel their inner narcissism, their inner bully.    So maybe I do understand a little.  Maybe I did see his ilk in prep schools and New England colleges while I was in my late teens.  I looked like I should be in the club: white, male, upper middle class, so a lot was said in my presence that made me sick and is the essence of his 'dog whistle'.

The second question that stems from the first is: "How do I interact with someone who is a BB fan, a supporter, essentially a bully narcissist?"

Fortunately I'm in a position I don't much have to since I can claim my senior distancing needs and "I'd love to talk to you but I need to be carefully distant" when really the last thing I want to do is engage.

More importantly:  Are the Dems collecting the raft of lawyers and security that will be needed to blow him out of the White House?  I believe two things to be true:

1 - The bunker baby will lose the election.  Badly.

2 - He will not just go quietly into that good night.


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