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I spent an hour of my life today attempting to install a seat cover for the bench seat in my wife's RAV 4.  Turns out that it was basically impossible and the seat cover began to fall apart while I was trying.  Once I saw a piece of zipper lying on the seat I gave up, went back inside and clicked on return.  Voila! Dump it in a box, head to UPS and show them the QR code and it will vanish from my life.  The RAV 4 looks better with just the front seats covered anyway.

Last night on YouTube there was a collection of musicians playing a tribute to John Prine.  It was not great music being assembled from mostly self quarantined people playing his songs without embellishment.  But I was struck again by how much his death affected me.  I listen to Pink Floyd a lot more than I ever will to Prine.  Maybe it was just his humanity, the way he seemed to spread his wings across the country, the gentleness of spirit.  His death will be what I remember from Covid, that it killed him.

There is an assumptive nature about the protests and civic actions going on now.  Or presumptive.  Whatever.  No one is asking permission, they are just assuming.  In the past we had discussion of the value of civil war statues.  We had debate and for the most part the majority said they should come down but not a lot of action came.  Sure, there were a few brought down but not all.  Now it is:  Hey, this thing offends me, offends my race, my mother, my brother, it offends my wife and children and it serves no purpose but to remind us that we are not in our place.  Excuse me while I take this down.  We'll talk about it later.  We'll debate later.  We'll have some discussion next week.

Eldridge Cleaver and Malcom and Stokley would be proud.  That is what they thought should happen 50 years ago.  Just needed something closer to a majority.

But Gil Scott-Heron was wrong.  They Revolution is most certainly being televised.


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