Paying a CPA for the last time

I think.

Long ago I did my own taxes on Turbotax.  Then I started a company and now 13 years later at an average of probably $3k/year to the CPA I'm so ready to do it again myself I can't say.  I went through four CPA's over the course of owning up to four companies at one point and I was not satisfied with any of them.  As people they are fine but they are not advisors, they are only the ones that tell you how much that mistake you made a year ago costs you now or how you did not plan nearly enough for the cash you need right now to pay the IRS.

But I think I've successfully shut down my last company (commercial real estate) as of 31 December 2019 so there will be no 2020 taxes filed for it.  Only my personal ones.

I'm pretty sure I can do my personal taxes next year in my head.  Life has gotten simple.  Other than dealing with IRA the distributions I needed to set up to pay for last year's company taxes it is a retirement pension, social security and standard deduction.  I might be able to use the free version of TurboTax.  Hell, I could probably do it on a paper form like the first years of my filing.  

And I'll be done in January, not June.  


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