Birthday party for kids

My step son and his wife are having a birthday party at their house for their two kids and friends.  As if there was no pandemic, far as I can understand things.  My wife is really distraught bordering on depressed that she can not go.  We had connected our bubble with the kids/grandkids bubble a bit a week or two ago with her going there to spend time with the kids while wearing a mask.  I was not thrilled at the idea but seeing them is really important for her.  

Now, though.  From their point of view they think it is worth the chance.  They are moving in a couple of weeks to another area of Texas, 4 hours from the friends their kids grew up with.  In many cases this is the last time they will see each other.  So I get it and might do the same in their position.  

The part that pisses me off is they invited my wife and didn't come back with a lot of compassionate understanding when she said it was too dangerous.  It is weird that they can't see what would happen if they had a party and she attended and got sick. It would almost certainly result in her dying since she has significant respiratory issues.  So the two kids remember killing grandma by having her at the party.  That would be a few bucks of psychiatry down the road.

So strange.  This entry is my only comment with the entire situation other than giving my wife support in her decision.  I wrote a somewhat lengthy email to my step son discussing the situation and then deleted it.  One of the more intelligent things I've done. 


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