Imperfect screw up

As an addition to my previous write up of Dinnerly we had a pleasant mistake fall in our laps today.  My step son and family moved to Tyler (no, wait, that's not the pleasant part).  Delivered today was their Imperfect food box.  They had forgotten to cancel the order so it became ours.  I'd never heard of it but in my endeavor to NOT go to stores if I don't have to this seems to be a good way to go.

For about $45 (plus maybe another $10 to add milk, eggs, yogurt kind of stuff) you've got a selection of vegetables and fruit and meat, enough for probably four meals with various stuff left over.

Much of the produce is towards the end of its shelf life so it also contributes to less waste in the food chain.  That means that eating it quickly becomes paramount.  The very random selection we got from someone else's box was excellent.  A few each of plums, tomatoes, mangoes, dried fruit, cilantro, parsley, a container of raspberries, mushrooms (our across the street neighbors get those), some finger potatoes, some other potatoes, a package of chicken breast and two packages of small steaks.  

I'm thinking I might alternate week to week with Dinnerly and maybe throw in a Hello Fresh in once in a while.  All of them allow weekly skips and can be cancelled at any time.  I'm pretty sure I can cut the store visit to once every two weeks.  Not as much fun but much safer.


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