2 signs of the times

First was an article on my phone.  The hospital we use is full:

Our S&W is full
Our S&W is full

We've got another run by a different system that still has room.  After that, I'm not sure where they would send us.  I'm not planning to use any of it but it is a little disconcerting.

Time to bake
Time to bake

My son in law has moved to Tyler, four hours away, and decided to leave his Costco flour for me.  Of the 50 pounds there was still 27 left.  I put it 3 pounds at a time into zip lock bags and stored them in the pantry, cool and dark.  Should be good for six months and I can make a dent in that amount of time.

Just bought some Instant yeast and it only came in 12 OZ packages so I've got six months of yeast too. 

Things I'd have never thought would happen.


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