Taking an outrage break

I stopped clicking on Twitter for a while.  The elections are a few months away and the inauguration is not for 190 Days 22 Hours and 38 Minutes and I can catch up on my Sarah Cooper spoofs all at once in a couple of weeks.  I've got a bunch of news flows on my phone including but not limited to Associated Press, USA Today, Washington Post, NYT, and Al Jazerra.  And Reddit.  Most of those had notifications turned on.  I know when something has happened usually through three or more of those outlets usually within minutes.

But I'm turning off the notifications for a while.  Slowing down my news stream.

Not entirely and not for too long.  I'll still listen to Hacks on Tap on Wednesday but they are not so into outrage.

In the meanwhile I've got a couple of Pema Chodron audible books to listen to on my walks. 

I'll be back to my full on 'if you're not outraged, your not paying attention' mode soon.  

Just resting.


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