Working to keep out of the hospital

A couple of years ago I had a non-symptomatic UTI.  The first indication I was having a problem was a fever spike.  Maybe 103.  At night.  Everything happens at night and/or on weekends.  I felt like I'd had some bad food.  Achy and crappy and feverish.  But it passed.  The next day I was OK.  Went to the doc anyway and they did blood tests and nothing further.  Since the UTI was otherwise asymptomatic we did not do a urinalysis test.

That night my fever spiked at 104.  For the first time in my life I felt like my body was no longer in my control and at around midnight we went to the emergency room.  Turns out I really was circling the drain.  Sepsis, close to kidney failure.  So 48 hours from fine to emergency room, intensive care and regular hospital stay totaling three days.

Last night I had chills and a fever of 101.  Today I'm fine.  Sounds familiar.  Two months ago I had a little fever and was a little achy and I thought maybe I had Covid.  I went to get tested and it was negative.  I now think that I've either had an infection all that time and my body has, up to now, been winning the battle against it or I had it and beat it and it came back.  Either way, went to the doc today and am now on Cipro with my fingers crossed that the drug beats back the UTI enough I don't get worse before I get better.  The experience was not pleasant.

So I'm going to take a nap now.  Give my body what it needs.


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