Feeling better than the rest of the state

I'm still on the mend.  Last day of Cipro.  My doc is waiting for culture results to set me up with something more targeted and less dangerous so I'll be changing over tomorrow.  I'm doing my daily yogurt to keep my gut happy which is no burden to me since I love yogurt.  So all in all, I'm thrilled.

Unfortunately the state of Texas continues to have issues.  For the first time I feel a little bit sorry for the Governor.  He's in a battle to do the right thing and can not yet point to the numbers and make his case for continued statewide masks.  This trend keeps me isolated and very wary:

129 new fatalities on 7/16
129 new fatalities on 7/16

The state of Texas alone had more fatalities yesterday than the country of Germany has new cases.  And the number of deaths in Germany yesterday?  0

Germany 83 million — 131 new cases

Texas population 29 million — 129 new fatalities

Germany deaths overall per 100000 = 10.85.  

US deaths overall per 100000 = 41.86.

George Will, the conservative commentator, inheritor to much of the William F. Buckley legacy wrote the following amazing paragraph yesterday:

Under the most frivolous person ever to hold any great nation’s highest office, this nation is in a downward spiral. This spiral has not reached its nadir, but at least it has reached a point where worse is helpful, and worse can be confidently expected. [Emphasis is mine]

He expresses an opinion, which I recognize as my own, that we must and will endure a continued downward spiral in this country to ensure the defeat of our current Commander In Chief.

With all the Twitter crap and noise in the Interwebs that is the most extraordinary idea I've seen by someone who typically speaks with the voice of the right wing.  It is so sad and so true.



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