New lawn mower - but not today

I've got a postage stamp size lawn and have been using a manual push mower to cut it.  The damn thing jams every few feet on one thing or another and is sufficiently difficult to use that I hate cutting the lawn and so it gets too thick and the mower jams even more.  I actually enjoy keeping the grass cut and trimmed and our lawn has usually looked pretty good so something like this throws me off my game.  Last time that happened was in our MUCH larger yard and was before I got my hip replaced.  The pain of pushing a lawn mower lead me to buy a riding one and I LOVED cutting the grass for the three or so years before we sold the place.

I've been saving up my Prolific pounds and now have more than enough to buy the battery power mower I want and I think today is the day.  It helps that the mower is essentially free with money from doing surveys.  I love that.

Interesting that the Paypal pound to dollars conversion rate is not so good, though:

Converted from £233.81 GBP

Conversion rate: £1.00 GBP = $1.213562 USD

Where Morningstar lists today's conversion rate at 1.26.

The difference is about $10 so I'm getting $283.74 rather than the $293.81 that Morningstar says I should get.

Not surprising as everyone gets their cut but still.  

More than enough to get whichever mower I decide on, though.  With my Lowes discount and Amazon points I get the bucks back.

As I was ready to head out to get the lawn mower I realized it was Sunday.  NOT doing Lowes on a Sunday.  Even with the recent Texas addition of masks I'm going to skip the madding crowd.

The mower will be there tomorrow but the crowds will not. 


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