I know you just can't wait to see it

Well, the trip to Lowes on a Monday morning was pretty reasonable.  Only one cashier open and that was plenty to handle the lack of crowd so I chose wisely.

And we'll be mowing the lawn tomorrow morning:

So pretty and clean
So pretty and clean

The kid that I scared up to talk to me about the mowers said that in his year with Lowes only about three of these had come back (they have a five year warranty) and in his experience if they make it the first few months they last forever.  The ones that came back were, according to the repair rep, working fine and the problem was not the mower but the owner.  

So I'm making sure the battery is fully charged and we'll be mowing in the morning.  One of the things I most love about it is just what you see.  It is made to fold and stand against the wall.  Perfect.


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