Vaccine depression

There is not going to be a magic bullet.  The more that our leadership indicates the 'vaccine' will fix everything, the less people are going to take personal responsibility for their own welfare and for the community's welfare.

IF there is a vaccine in the near future, as in sometime very late this year or early next (that is the NEAR future) only about half the people in the U.S. are going to get it so that is still not herd immunity level.  

But everyone is on the 'hey, this will all be over soon' bandwagon.  The real way the Covid will end is when it eventually does morph into a lesser version of itself and that will be a couple of years.

Everything I read bolsters this belief.  We're cleaning out the 'senior' pool of people per Dan Patrick's desires (Patrick went on Fox News on Monday evening to defend comments he made last month where he said he would rather die from the widely spreading coronavirus than see the economy destroyed for his children and grandchildren.....   I’m sorry to say that I was right on this and I’m thankful that now we are now finally beginning to open up Texas and other states because it’s been long overdue).  

Fortunately we do have some compassionate, science driven leadership on the way so we will get better at this but it is going to be a slough through a lot of sound and fury.  Setting the expectation that the vaccine will not magically throw a switch and fix all this makes living day to day a little easier and more realistic.

So spend the bucks.  Buy that really nice mask you've wanted and find the flow.



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