Just to add to the weirdness... a little boomtown irony

We're in the middle of a building boom around here.  This is the second Texas migration that I've seen since moving here in 2005 (on the cusp of the first migration after the housing bubble pop).

I had a conversation with the guy who takes care of the new house first year warranties and he is fully engaged all day every day.  This community is filling in all the remaining lots at once it seems.  As before, lots of Californians and Floridians and the new next door people will be from Boston.  All to come here and bake in the 100+ degree balmy Texas weather.

And we have not yet begun the Tesla and Amazon compounds soon to be up and running.

I'll be glad when all the lots are full and the construction is done.  Here is the view from our security camera.  I can see three new houses going up at once:

Red arrows point to the three foundations started this week - clouds by Hannah
Red arrows point to the three foundations started this week - clouds by Hannah

Next to the two red arrows is a house recently completed and recently moved in to.  To the right of us is a couple with their baby who are moving down from Boston soon.

This is NOT the land of job and economy lulls.  As in 2006, we're ignoring the recession.

The most interesting part of this is that the red state contingent is pretty much responsible for the boom.  I'll give credit to the capitalist ideal that has resulted in this state being so desirable.

Of course, the health insurance situation is one of the worst in the country, guns are everywhere, and there are a plethora of other issues many of which will be addressed by those very people drawn to the area by the perpetrators of the conservative agenda.

This state has been increasingly purple headed to full out blue from the day I came here.  More and more residents from states who have a much more liberal agenda (pretty much any of them) are moving in here and bringing their politics with them.  Add to that the influx of brown people and the entire state, the country's second largest by geography and population, is going to change.

The gerrymandering electorate is doing, and will continue to do, everything they can to delay the inevitable.  Things like zero funding for a census that would report the increase in numbers of non-white people and apportion accordingly are rampant right now.   But inevitable is inevitable.

Watch this channel.  Should be fun.

179 days to inauguration


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