Shopping Day

I made the milk/egg/sour cream run today.  With the full state mask requirements I'm a bit more comfortable.  Only one Herman Cain enthusiast:

I'm too sexy for my mask
I'm too sexy for my mask

One mother/daughter team I did not get a picture of both with their masks well below their noses showing solidarity in spirit with this lady who probably doesn't wear her seat belt either.

One woman with a full clear mask in addition to a regular mask.

And then all the rest of us sciencey types in full connection with reality.

Still some interesting holes in the inventory.  What is the deal with graham crackers?

Well, this time they actually were not out but they have been
Well, this time they actually were not out but they have been

Fortunately they actually did have some so I was able to replenish my pantry stock.

Out of Hellman's Olive Oil mayo squeeze bottle.  Just out.  They had the jar, which I got.

And some other similar empty shelf spaces.   Mini runs on stuff, I guess.

As I was checking out there were some guys with clipboards obviously grading/inspecting the cashier.  So he was by the book.  Stand on your sticker until the cart is fully loaded then we can do the payment.  It was reassuring that they were taking the whole thing seriously.


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