Icing screw up

I knocked out some pecan cinnamon rolls today from my no knead dough.  I'll freeze them individually and enjoy them one at a time.  They thaw out perfectly in the microwave. 

But I totally screwed up the icing and now have to go buy some more powered sugar.  The problem was I'm trying to make more orange-ish icing.  So I added what zest I could get off the orange I bought for that purpose.  Turned out the orange was a really luscious, juicy one and not very  zesty.  So I added some of the squeezed orange juice which toppled the whole thing.  Now I had runny icing to which I added corn starch and now it tastes like crap.

My idea is to have some of the icing in the refrigerator to ice the thawed out rolls as they come out of the microwave.

All in search of the perfect cinnamon roll experience.

Life is so complicated.

 171 days to inauguration


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