Trying something new

I love businesses that are thriving during and, in some cases, because of the pandemic.  Adapt and overcome.  Social, capitalist, Darwinism.

And I love beef and ribs and bacon and... well, I'm at the top of the food chain for a reason. 

But I do feel like we should pay to have the animals we eat humanely treated.  And the less I can shop and the less money I can spend on food, the better.

All to say I've still got my Dinnerly subscription.  It is not perfect and I like it less than Hello Fresh BUT it is 30% less per week and we get three meals for two of us for a total of $40 and it saves at least one trip to the store per week.

I've looked for a local meat deal (you'd think "Texas, here's the beef") but the closest I can find would be to buy a quarter or half a cow and I don't have or want a freezer in my garage.

So I found my hopefully good solution:  For $129/month I get a bag of frozen steaks, chicken, bacon, pork... actually an assortment that they put together.  For another $10 I could make my own choices but I'm trying the cheaper solution first.  Since we spend that much on meat a month anyway, this represents one fewer trip to the store, better sourced meat, probably better tasting meat and a relationship with a company which has turned the pandemic to their advantage.

And they have all kinds of videos to give ideas of what to do with the cuts they send.  To say I get into cooking ruts is a major understatement.  Dinnerly has introduced me to all kinds of good stuff and I'm hoping Butcherbox will do the same.  All for less money than I've been spending.

I'm hopeful.


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