Cancel culture

Almost worth it just to have that misleading post title.

I'm working through all those $10 here, $15 there subscriptions to see how much money I can get back into my budget.  Google music, Spotify, NY Times, and all my Amazon subscription stuff (mostly, turns out, dog treats.. not sure just how that happened).  All the aforementioned was set up when I had my company and money flowed back and forth.  Now it does not flow inbound quite so quickly so I'm looking at everything.

At the moment I'm online trying to claw the $15 from Mint mobile that I'm supposed to get when my friend susandennis  recommends me.  I got all the way to checkout and it isn't there.  So I'm chatting.

I'm hopeful with Mint Mobile.  I no longer need a hot spot and seldom leave the confines of my wireless here.  According to T-Mobile I've only used about 2MB of data per month over the past three months (doctor office and occasional music when I'm walking, neither of which are critical) so I'm paying a bunch for stuff I'm not using.  Turns out that this plan will cost me $101.91 for the first three months and four times that per year unless/until they raise their rates.  That is for two phones.  T-Mobile is $70/month for two phones.  And they use the same towers.

The biggest difference is you pay one month at a time for T-Mobile vs a year at a time for Mint Mobile.  But the cost difference is huge so that is not really a consideration.  

If all that works right I'm up about $1k/year without really changing anything other than having to watch commercials on my Youtube Sudoku instructionals.


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