Utility drama

Our water shifted from one municipality to another.  There is so much growth around here that Georgetown, to the east, could no longer handle supplying water to our community so we switched to Leander, to the west.  Supposedly Leander costs a lot more but the way they calculate water charges on a bill are clear to someone with a degree from MIT but no one else.  So I just figured I'd wait to see whether we were going to have to pay more.  Not like I could do anything about it.

Annnnddd they screwed up the first bill.  Someone made ONE mistake setting up the transition data scrape.  They picked up the starting water meter figure from the last Georgetown bill rather than the ending figure.  So everyone gets this really high bill for two months of water usage PLUS a deposit not refundable until the last bill (meaning to my estate) and NextDoor gets a lot of over the weekend WTF comments among the neighbors.

I called this morning and, of course, they knew about the mistake.  They said to forget the bill and a new one would be coming out.  

The one good thing is that I sent them my ID for a 10% over 65 discount.  Whohoo!!

I'm hopeful that after all the dust settles and we get over the first month deposit, things will be no worse and maybe better.


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