On a brighter note (compared to my previous post) I had my first real experience with ButcherBox and their meat.


Sometimes you don't need a lot of words
Sometimes you don't need a lot of words

I'd never heard of a Coulotte or a Sirloin Cap or a picanha all of which are the same thing.  But it is amazingly tender and flavorful.  My grill knew just what to do with it and the result was as tasty as it looked.

From Dinnerly I've learned new spices and now from ButcherBox I'm learning (after about 60 years of grilling meat) new things about meat.

About the only reason I'm ever tempted to go to a steak place for food is that they get far better meat.  I can cook it as good or better than they can but I can't get the same product.  ButcherBox got me some restaurant quality beef.  Perfect for quarantine eating.


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