I've got to comment.  

I can not watch most speeches.  But there are very few people who can speak in a formal setting.  Most of the time I liked listening to Obama.  He has the ability to speak in full sentences and can carry my interest and emotions.

In all of the primaries I don't remember Kamala Harris moving me in her speeches.  Maybe I wasn't listening but I just don't recall being moved. 

But last night I happened to listen to first her, then Bidon speak.  And  I was moved.  I started to believe again for the first time since Obama left office.  Harris had the lion's share of the good lines but, quoting WAPO's Donna Edwards: I thought it didn’t matter whether Joe Biden picked a Black woman. And then it happened.

I wanted to like and support Hillary and certainly voted for her but she has never moved me.  If Kamala continues to grow and mature as a national and international leader I can see greatness in her.  She has the potential and is in the right place to pick up the Obama mantle and move it forward.  And it's not like she's going to back down from a fight or be faced down by anyone.  

Although I clearly will cling to any vine that might save us as we head down the river I do think the process of Democrat nomination worked well this time.

And we're 

160 days to inauguration


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