I think I might do something

I've been doing nothing for a while now and turns out I'm pretty good at it.  And the past few months have been an excellent time to do nothing.  I've been in peak performance.

But two rather predictable factors are poking me towards relinquishing my full monty of retirement in favor of dabbling as a contractor in the realm of service support.  

Inflation is really visible now, especially in food but really in everything but my mortgage.  So we're in a degrading spiral that is unsettling.  The other factor is there are some things I want to do that require a few bucks.  Not travel.  For the foreseeable future I've given that up.  But I do enjoy woodwork and need to spend a little money to get that set up the way I want.  

Fortunately the mechanism for earning some money is easily available without my having to relinquish very much of my hard won freedom nor promise anything permanent.

The initial venue will be customer support of the Peleton exercise company.  I've got training coming up in September then I get choose hours and I start answering the phone.

Actually Peleton hired a company called Working Solutions Vyne and they are hiring me.  The upside of that is they also support a lot of other companies so there are other places to go.  And, most importantly, there is no contract.  There are some incentives to keep me interested but no hooks if I decide to pull out or find something better or do something completely different.

I'm very carefully putting my toe back in the employment waters.  


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