Turns out they REALLY want people to work

Again I am surprised at the availability of work with just a quick bit of research.  Turns out the flex job online kind of positions are everywhere and they really want people to work them.

I had a lovely talk with a really nice rep of Working Solutions, a company started by Kim Houlne.  Turns out she was the right person at the right time with the right idea and I'm guessing she is a dynamo.  She's got a pretty good set up.  I was fed into the lowest end of the hopper, customer service ("I'm so sorry your Peloton shoes don't fit, let's get them replaced immediately").  I'm getting paid at the level of a burger flipper but I make my own schedule, work from my PC and demonstrate that I should at least be cooking the french fries.  No gas, no car, no uniform.

Digging a little deeper I see a lot more jobs with the same outsourcing company.  Jobs that pay more and require some background experience.

The training starts in September.  

It was nice to have an interview in a situation where success was not critical to my being able to eat next week.  Way more relaxing.  And the fact that I likely had 30+ years more workforce experience than the person who was interviewing me didn't hurt.  It was a phone interview and, of course, they couldn't ask my age.  

With the same company I applied for a gig supporting Turbo Tax which is really more up my alley.  I have pretty significant experience with Intuit products and I may pursue that once they see how wonderful I am.

Other than that, another quiet air conditioned day.


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