Accessing the convention: Solved

Turns out they have a channel on Roku.  Like Netflix or YoutubeTV.  It ran the evening's convention broadcast without comment just as it streamed.  

Weirdly I understood it all without having someone explain or interpret it for me.  

So much nicer without the injected conflict.

I do so miss the "Mr Speaker!!!!!!!!!!!  MR SPEAKER!!!!!!!!! The Great State of Kansas, the state of the Sunflower, the Jayhawk state, the breadbasket of the country casts its 22 votes for its favorite son [insert some local Kansas politician you've never heard of here] for the next president of the United States!!!!!!!!!!!"

First round of voting prior to the 1980 convention was a lot of that kind of stuff.  It was pointless, colorful, chaotic and glorious democracy in action.  Both parties.  The conventions used to run all night on TV and I would watch them.  It was a circus lead by the ringmaster, Walter Cronkite, and a civics lesson in a box.

After 1980 there was no reason to even have the conventions and they are now gone for good.  It is a lot like moving from the spit and rosin of a live orchestra to a synthesizer.  It's going to happen.  The path of least resistance.  And the sound is cleaner and more precise.  But there's something about all that wasted energy, the dirt and smoke and sweat that contributed to a human sound.

All in all for a first try I think they are doing OK.  Things are a little rough but they manage to stumble through the miscues.  Tonight is Kamala night.


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