Once I finally figured out how to install the app on my Roku I saw every minute of the DNC convention.  It was really nice to have it short and to the point and I think, for the first time out, they did a good job of putting it together.  Someone is going to figure out how to fix the awkward places with people standing there waiting to be cut or waiving to a non-existent audience.  The huge Zoom room was pretty neat.  If they could have rolled those screens like panning an audience and had hundreds rather than 20 it would have been amazing. I think they will expand on that and make it bigger and make it work better.  And having 10 seconds of every state and eligible convention nominating group was wonderful.  And kicking off with Stephen  and ending with John and Common was just wonderful.  

I may try to watch some of the RNC just to compare.  No doubt they are scrambling today to insert some of the successful things they saw over the past 4 days.  

Watching something like a convention with which I completely agree is so fulfilling, such a nice feeling, so hopeful.  And so dangerous.  I remember when Hillary was introduced with her film.  It was a great story.  She was a compelling person.  I believed.  But she didn't win by enough.

I'm frankly more than a little tired of hearing about the tragedy of Joe.  I think they bang that drum way too much.  But the stories of his calling, his reaching out, his giving out the cell number, his going to funerals.  Those stories are gold and there are so many of them it is hard to think that any of them might be a manufactured emotion, a conscious effort to leverage the moment.  I have no doubt that President Biden will be an excellent solution to the huge problem we've created in this country.  It will be interesting when he's in the position that President Ford was in after Nixon.  That of pardoning his predecessor.  

To his credit, Trump was impeached because he recognized before anyone else did that Biden was his biggest threat.  I'll give him that.  If nothing else Trump knows who are his most dangerous enemies.  

As of this writing:

152 days, 01 hours, 25 minutes and 1 second to inauguration 2021.


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No, I had not seen it. Wonderful garage band.

BTW, the latest Hacks On Tap was good. A post DNC special. They are back discussing the mechanics of the election rather than just Trump bashing. Robert Gibbs in attendance.
Biden will heal our country, lead by example and work across the aisle. He should win if we have a fair election. President Cov-Idiot is desperate. He knows once he's out of office, he will go to jail.

One of my favorite moments was the kid who Biden mentors to overcome his stutter. Trump would have made fun of and bullied the boy.
Agreed. As Mike Murphy (Hacks on Tap) said 'Biden teed it up and hit a home run' with his speech. The hacks have been saying for months that Biden needs to play to his strength, empathetic humanity, and he is doing that. He's got someone on the ticket who can kick ass. He no longer needs to do it. Biden is one debate away from shutting the thing down. Everyone will be watching to see how he handles it. Riveting TV and no audience for Trump to play to. He'll have to work the stage by himself.
So, I’ve been watching a lot of terrible reality tv an anthropologist, observing “mating behavior of Homo sapiens”, and one thing I observe is how primal our body language is. We think we’re such sophisticated, intellectual creatures, but we humans telegraph our emotions and intentions as clearly as baboons do. So it was in this “reality tv” mindset that I watched the snippets of the DNC that I did, and I caught the bit where they played the film of Obama presenting Biden with the Presidential Medal of Honor, back when that happened.

And Biden’s response is the most tear-jerking thing. For all his faults, a moment of genuine surprise like that cannot be faked, and says a lot about a person...and the thing he telegraphed most loudly with his body language was humility. Humility, then dignity, and gratitude. Without ever saying a word. Which is a hell of a list of traits, and such a far cry from what we have in the White House right now. It was phenomenal to see, and to be reminded.
I completely agree with that and see what you saw. Biden is a genuine person who does wear his life on his sleeve. Yeah, that was a moment. Absolutely.

The Hacks On Tap podcast I've been listening to for a year now since the race for Dem nominee began is made up of people who have managed candidates for their entire professional lives. The one thing they agreed on was that Biden needs to show people who he is, how he really does care, his humility and compassion and empathy.

My guess is that the campaign listened and let all of that show. They didn't need to make it up or shade it or engineer it. They just needed to get out of the way and show the film.

He will make a great President.