The promise of thunder

I woke up this morning to a lightening storm.  It kept going on for a while and then the rain started.  It was not one of those gully washers we sometimes have but was a really good drenching rain for maybe an hour.  Zoe kept wanting me to go walk as she does.  (At 7AM every morning.  My alarm clock.)  But I've spent too much time taking care of myself and avoiding Covid to go walking in a thunderstorm so she just has to live with the frustration.  It's now (at noon) sunny and 75 degrees so I'll take her and we'll get in our walk.

Meanwhile, I got an emergency email from my favorite small business, Sanford Sourdough Bakery.  This is a family run bakery that opened up about a year ago and has thrived, pandemic be damned.  They have worked their asses off through the whole thing and kept up a positive attitude and image and managed to hire more staff while everyone else was laying off workers.  I LOVE them just for being a thriving small business but more so because it is a family bakery.  The world would be a better place with more bakeries.

The email said that they had their van loaded up ready for the Austin farmer's market when the market was cancelled due to the lightening.  They said it would be a significant hit to their business if they couldn't sell the inventory (can't save the bread for long) and wouldn't you like to have some sourdough in your freezer?

I immediately got online and ordered a couple of loaves and some Goat spread (figs and honey and walnuts).  I also ordered cinnamon rolls but they ran out before I could check out.  Their online inventory is live.  They bake and sell and when it is gone you can see it online.  So I missed out on the rolls but the bread is just wonderful and I looked online.  EVERYTHING is sold out!!!  So it worked.  AND I've got delicious sourdough.

AND I turned off the watering system for the day as we got the free stuff!!

The thunderstorm seemed to me like a promise of fall to come.


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