Reports of steam cleaning

Got my new steam cleaner yesterday and it performed as advertised.  It was one of those Amazon scratch and dents that has neither but costs $20 less.  Instant discount.  So good start and for our uses I can't imagine getting a more expensive one.  The advice from runeshower was perfect.

We have ceramic tile floors that are really hard to see dirt on and it is only in the morning sun that I could see what the kitchen really looked like.  I've never found a suitable floor cleaner set up that didn't leave a mess behind.  This one is damn near perfect.  I think it will take two or three runs to get everything really clean but it is so easy to pull out, plug in, and clean that I'll do it frequently.  And no drying time at all.  Since it is steam the clean is water only (distilled) so no soap streaks behind and no rinsing.

Such a little thing to make my day!


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