Baby peppers

I have not done well in the past growing things.  It is not an ADHD sport.  I once had an excellent run of tomatoes in Florida during the winter.  And we had a great romaine lettuce crop a while back.  But here in Texas seems like by the time I get it in the ground it is crispy leaves from 100+ degree heat and I forget in August to kick off the winter.  But I did get some pepper seeds.  They are known as Lunchbox Sweet Peppers and we love them.

I managed out of about 20 or so seeds to get three seedlings.  I think my next step is to re-pot them into separate containers so I'll do that today.  They will not be able to go outside for a few more weeks.  It is too hot.  But they are happy to grow where they are on my window ledge.

I'm hoping I can get some herbs started too.  I've got the perfect window sill and time.


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