Work, work, work

I just got my first set up assignment from Working Solutions.  It was to get my PC prepped and install the software required to do the work.  Before I could install the software they wanted me to validate my PC which lead to a bunch of updates including the latest WIN 10 update, Version 2004.  So now I'm watching what amounts to a service pack install.  

On the bright side it is an update to Defender security which is all I use now days.  After 12 years of making money off people who never bothered to install antivirus and so were infected, I no longer use AV.  Win Defender does a pretty good job.  More importantly my brain does a pretty good job.  I'm all about NOT clicking on crap and really hardly ever see any stuff to click on.  Gmail is my spam filter and it does just fine.  I stay off of sites that typically have virus hooks in them (used to be porn, now is more likely to be religious of political) and generally try to not be stupid.  So far, so good.  I made a ton of money off of AVG over the years, I mean a TON of money.  They flew me to Las Vegas to help roll out their product kind of money.  

Funny how things change.

OK...  back to work.  Sheesh.  


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