A PC day

So weird.  I've forgotten most of what I know about PCs.  The software that turns my PC into kiosk mode was choking on the updates.  It does not run unless/until every damn update is installed.  There are always a bunch of hardware updates that are optional and I never install them.  Microsoft says don't bother if the hardware is working correctly.  But the kiosk software said to install everything.  And my Brother printer update would not install.  I ripped out all the printer information from the computer (way beyond uninstalling but just short of cleaning out the registry) and reinstalled it.  Same issue.  

The work solutions help desk suggested I go to the Brother site.  I managed to not say to look back at the beginning of my email where it says I've got 23 years in PC support and am a MS Engineer and likely would have thought of going to the most obvious site.  I just said thank you and kept looking around.

I finally gave up and decided to prep my spare Surface laptop as the work computer since I don't use it for much anyway.  Reloaded it and got it all set up BUT I was finalizing the kiosk set up and discovered that it has to be wired.  And Surface is wireless only.  So I went to bed.  Frequently that fixes things and this was no different.

This morning I tested my PC again and voila, no updates.  And the kiosk mode worked just fine.  So I've got the Surface I'll set up to run my normal PC email, Live Journal, etc. and use my PC to do the work functions.  I've got a KB/Mouse combo that works on two computers at once so hopefully it won't be too painful.

Work preparation starts for real on the 2nd but I think that is all computer prep and testing and I'm done with that.  Classes start the following week.  'Remember, class, always say "I'm so sorry you are having this problem.  I can help you" to every customer' at least once.


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