Not actually waffles.  But my interaction with the world and its issues resembles that up and down, engaged not engaged, caring not caring motif.

My current roiling mind stems from two events:

1 — I happened across a post on NextDoor actually put there by my CPA.  It was a legitimate picture of the back end of a pickup that he was flagging as having driven around the neighborhood a lot that day.  Gated neighborhood.  Not belonging to one of the neighbors.  He had called the sheriff and it was all sane, above board, and the right use of the social media and the sheriff.  But then, the comments.  And the one that sent me spinning:

Not saying this is the same thing, but an APD [Austin Police Department] friend told me that Antifa and BLM have been casing more affluent neighborhoods in North Austin to "protest". We all need to keep our head on a swivel. Thanks for posting this.

There is so much complexity to unpack in this.  This is the issue.  This guy has fully absorbed the message of the Limbaugh propaganda machine (I lay it all at his feet... all the rest who spew the same hatred are his blood line and even he owes his lineage to the radical factions of the John Birch society happily arm in arm with the KKK in the area where I grew up).  So few who espouse this noise even know where it comes from.

And as a not so minor aside.  If an APD 'friend' is talking this kind of stuff it goes a long way to explaining why we're having issues with unarmed black civilians being shot by the police.  A one sentence encapsulation of the problem.

AND, don't forget, the guy that said this has a gun in his car.  I guarantee it.  And several in his house.

2 — The U.S. Open is likely cancelled.  It was a shining light for me to end a summer of sadness, a summer lacking in the joy of Olympics and tennis and baseball and all the rest of the sports that add energy to the hot months.  With Naomi Osaka (one of the highest paid women athletes) walking out of the tournament they have 'delayed' play.  Queue the lawyers.  The NBA has walked off the court as have announcers walked out of the booths.  

I waffle here between pride at players making a political stand and sadness to miss the tournament.  And, of course, guilt at being so shallow as to want the sports anyway.  There is a chance here that no athletes will compete until something is done.  NOW we're talking billions of dollars.  I can not imagine where it might lead but the statement of  'really, when we say no more, we mean NO MORE' is something that has never occurred in human history.  

You don't like the riots?  Neither do we.  How about if we make you realize that you are going to be one broke economy if all the players of color (and their white brothers and sisters) just refuse to play?

Like I said.  My mind is waffling.  Up and down.  Fear and joy.  Sadness and pride.  Frustration and hope.



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