KBs and Mice

As part of this new gig I'm doing, or soon starting, I need a more complicated PC set up.  The work set up requires me to have my PC in kiosk mode which is kind of like signing into a VPN, a remote PC over which I have no control and am almost completely constrained to do just what they want.  It makes my PC an appliance useful for only their apps.  It is a very good and secure set up and a way to have a bunch of remote users of varying skill sets and varying security settings run applications for your business.  And for the time it is in that mode I'm completely cut off from having a PC.  That is also their intent.

So I've got a second computer (I used to have 10 or 20 sitting around at any given time), a Surface laptop, I can use off to the side.  I thought it would be really nice to have a keyboard and mouse that could switch between the two and they do exist so I got one.  For $60 I got a JellyComb keyboard and mouse.  

The JellyComb is small and makes for a lot of room on my desk.  I'm used to a big slightly ergonomic Logitec that fits my rather large hands.  It the second of the same model and I've used it for years.  This Jelly one is half the size.  It also has three buttons that will switch the KB from usb 2.4G connection to my PC to bluetooth on my phone (!) to bluetooth on my Surface.  That part is pretty neat as is the fact that it recharges with a mini usb cord.  No battery replacement.  The mouse is the same.  A little clunkier since the switch button is on the bottom but it works.  The mouse is really small too and doesn't have my favorite mouse button that my Logitech one has, click to go back to the previous web page, click to go forward.  I use that all the time and now don't like mice that can't do that.

And the KB has a connection issue with the PC.  I think it might work better in bluetooth but I was typing along and all the sudden it would not recognize the characters I was typing and would skip or double.  It was acting like it did not connect well with the usb connection wanting it closer (I've got it in the closest connection on the PC).

So, not at all perfect but the size might just let me have it off to the side with the surface and I can play like a rock keyboard player with two keyboards.  

I didn't, however, throw out any of the packaging.


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