Crop report

Lunchbox Sweet Peppers and a random succulant
Lunchbox Sweet Peppers and a random succulant

I split up the three plants that were in one planter and now they have room to grow and get ready for the cooler weather.  While I was doing that I unrolled a paper towel that had seeds in it for germinating and discovered what looks like three more plants from what I thought were dead seeds.  So once they establish I'll transplant them to their own containers.

My intent is twofold.  One is to move them to a place where they can do their pepper thing:

Back yard garden
Back yard garden

One of these tubs will hold them, one more for cherry tomatoes, one for romaine lettuce, all winter crops in this new globally warmed environment.

The other thing I'm going to do is turn my East facing window where the babies are currently housed into a more permanent and nicer window garden.  No idea how I'm going to do it or what it will look like.  I'm thinking wooden shelves of some kind.  Still thinking about it.  One of those projects I'll screw up a couple of times before I get something I like.

Meanwhile I'm thrilled with the baby crop.



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