I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

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Things I could do:

1 - Do some marketing catch up work
2 - Drive over and throw some pottery
3 - Take the dogs to the off leash park
4 - Read more Thomas Perry book
5 - Go to the store
6 - Take the big fish out of our aquarium and put him back in the lake where he belongs
7 - Write a repost to War and Peace
8 - Go over to Matt's restaurant, drink a beer or two, play some games
9 - Watch more of Damages or whatever is available on Netflix.

1 - I can still procrastinate that for one more day
2 - Round trip to/from is about 1.5 hours but it would be good -- feels like an obligation rather than a desire
3 - About the same drive time but good exercise, good karma between me and the dog gods, and mentally uplifting
4 - Maybe do some of that first
5 - This is a must do regardless
6 - This will be first after reading some more
7 - Working on it.  Plenty of time. Stop pestering me about it.
8 - Tempting.  Maybe link it up with number 5 after number's 6 and 3.
9 - Later.

I aspire to do nothing.  Doesn't seem to be within my capabilities.  I don't have an off switch.

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