Neighbors and calendars

Two entirely separate subjects crammed into one entry.

The house next door was rented out again.  The previous neighbors were friends and both worked in health care so it was kind of nice.  The new ones are young, no kids, no dogs far as I can tell.  They moved themselves with a trailer and car so they must be moving from somewhere close by.  And  they've been moving in the 100 degree heat.  I think they turned on lights yesterday and then left.  I came into my office last night and thought the moon was full and in the wrong place.  A window with no shade and bright ceiling light next door was streaming in my window.  These houses are so close they are all but duplexes.  So the no kids part is kind of nice.  We would definitely hear babies and barking dogs.

Covid makes going by and shaking hands hello less than optimal.  Sigh.

Meanwhile I've got stuff on my calendar now.  I HATE having stuff on my calendar.  One thing is just taking my car in for oil change and a new battery before I need it like my sister susandennis did.  The Smart batteries are not super easy to get and weird to install and I don't want to deal with it when the battery is dead so I'm getting ahead of the curve.  It is a 2012 car on the original battery so I think it is time.  Other than that I've got a work event.  A welcome aboard that will be, I'm sure, a cheer session with little real info.  I'm already set up and ready to roll do the next thing on my calendar is not until Thursday.  Which leaves me with three days of all the U.S. Open tennis I can eat.

Welcome to September and yet another segment of life.  Back to the place where people want things from me and expect things from me.  [Insert whining sigh here]


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